The Medrx Family believes in giving back to the community. Love brought us to this community. We saw the need for a compounding pharmacy in an underserved community, and we came to fill the need. Through the Sarpong Foundation, Medrx impacts the lives of children and families. Each year, we sponsor college age teens with their college education. Our main focus is give college opportunities to highly motivated girls from social economic disadvantaged background. We work with schools and churches to locate these girls, and it has been a rewarding experience. Sarpong Foundation grew out of a family tradition. About 10 years ago, our founder’s husband started sponsoring kids’ education each year. Our founder (his wife), decided to do the same for girls only. Today, the effort has grown bigger and through our program, we have graduated a dentist, and currently have girls in Medical School, Engineering School among other sought after disciplines. The foundation has also built a community library for the Tarkwa Breman Community Alliance. Though our main aim is to provide educational funds, we also work with some of our local charity organizations to provide food and shelter. It is a fulfilling experience for everyone involved, and when you shop with us, all these families benefit indirectly.